Tips on how taking care of your laptop

Laptop Management

Laptops are vulnerable, and special care must be taken on how portable is handled. Most damages can be avoided if
the computer is properly cared for.

The plug

Always remove all plugs before putting your computer back in the bag.

Avoid skewed lines and avoid people stumbling on the cord while the connectors are in the computer. That way you can avoid that the plugs inside the computer break.

The screen

Avoid pushing the computer into the bag – for example by filling bag too much with books or other things that can exert pressure on the screen and thus break it.

In particular, the power supply should not be placed on top of the screen. You are risking cracks in the screen.

Dust and moisture

Avoid dust, smoke and animal hair as it can cause the computer to overheat. For example, avoid sitting with the computer in the bed, since e.g. bedrooms can be dust-filled rooms.

Avoid putting water bottles in the same bag as the computer, as there a risk of the bottle leaking or crushing.

Avoid putting the computer in the sun – for example, in a hot car.

Avoid placing the computer in a very cold place which can cause condensation in it when it returns to room temperature.

Avoid sitting with the computer on the lap as the ventilation openings at the bottom of the computer is thus covered and It can get your computer to overheat and cause damage.