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Sharing mouse and keyboard

Several computers and monitors

Actively using several computers is a challenge.

Setup using two computers each have a monitor, sharing mouse and keyboard using network.

Both computers is running Manjaro Linux Openbox Community Edition.

Install the AUR package barrier using Pamac

pamac build barrier


On the server (with mouse/keyboard attached) launch the barrier app and configure the server. Save the configuration as ~/.barrier.conf

Barrier launcher script.

touch ~/
chmod +x ~/
nano ~/
barriers --no-tray --debug INFO --name servername --enable-crypto -c "/home/username/.barrier.conf" --address :24800

Edit the Openbox autostart to run the script at login

nano ~/.config/openbox/autostart
sleep 1; ~/ &


On the client (the one to be controlled) launch the barrier app and connect to the server. This has to be done manually as the server identity must be confirmed before first use.

Barrier launcher script on client login.

touch ~/
chmod +x ~/
nano ~/
barrierc --no-tray --debug INFO --name clientname --enable-crypto [serverip]:24800

Edit the Openbox autostart to run the script at login

nano ~/.config/openbox/autostart
sleep 1; ~/ &


Install the package lightdm-settings and launch the settings manager using sudo

sudo lightdm-settings

Configure autologin for the user and restart the client.

Log off the server and re-login

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Firmware updating and system recovery

Updating your system’s firmware can be a challenge. Why, because many manufacturers only supplies Windows based software for updating your systems firmware and this can be quite annoying.

Some times it might be necessary to repair your sytem due to damage boot area and/or files or you have a malware attack you need to clean up.

Below is listed some of the multiple choices you have when it comes to maintenance or emergency repair.

Boot CD

More options

Linux lightweight distibutions